Deliver Me

Deliver me from this evil carousel of masked faces that tell today to forget tomorrow. Consequences shatter like bullets across a silver screen. All is silent, yet there are so many screams.  Dreams hanging in the balance for they let their hearts slip out of their hands onto the floor.  Capture yourself and escape the void of injustice.

These are lyrics and poetry that I wrote about ten years ago … currently resurrecting them in the music studio.  They were previously published and performed by me.


'The Beauty of Music cannot be explained. It must be experienced" This is still true now as it was when I first said this early on in my creative career. The expressions of creativity far reach beyond music and I hope that this site gives evidence to that in such a way that it transcends & exceeds my wildest expectations and dreams ~~~~
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  1. john says:

    Like your website. Keep up the good work! 2-6-12

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