Tears of Clarity ~~~~

5-14-13 cleartear


Sometimes you just don’t know why & seems to cry is the only path ~~~~

The human existence is enigmatic & yet so simple …. the right choice is clear, I wish all could see ~~~~ feel ~~~~ connect ∞ ♡♞♪✶∞


'The Beauty of Music cannot be explained. It must be experienced" This is still true now as it was when I first said this early on in my creative career. The expressions of creativity far reach beyond music and I hope that this site gives evidence to that in such a way that it transcends & exceeds my wildest expectations and dreams ~~~~
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3 Responses to Tears of Clarity ~~~~

  1. Jason Bryant says:

    “Tears of clarity” seem to bring cries of closure/ Stand strong lest you be weak and lose all sense of composure/ I have learned this in the midst of many wars/ I’ve experienced this trying to pick the locks of many closed doors/ Oh but the hope of joy coming the morning/ It turns into a sigh of relief as you begin exploring/ That at the crack of dawn; to awaken you as you yawn/ The memories of everything you thought you needed are far lost; forever gone/ Seasons pass, things change; you can’t have a sun without rain/ Can’t have pleasure without pain; can’t lose and not gain/ The human existence is consistently inconsistent; “the right choice” is hardley ever mentioned/ Until you’re left with no other decision than to rethink your position…/ A bit of advice: a clear mind has no room to waste time

  2. ICONIK X says:

    AWE~Some 😉

  3. Mark(ed) with Ashes says:

    Hiya lady! finally got around to stalking your awesome self. it’s mark btw, from lil elf. why don’t you just facespace like everyone else??

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